Generate Graphical & Excel Reports Made Easy With Travel Agency CRM Software

Travel CEO is a online travel agency CRM software which provides you a clear over-view of  business expense, leads, payments in a form of reports. We have 50+ Report formats available to know the insights of your travel business through best analytical CRM.

Report Features of Travel CRM Software for Travel Industry

Data Reports

Reports helps business leader to plan and take strategic decisions backed up data. The analytical CRM software generates reports of each section of your business through your CRM database so that you a have better understanding of risk and opportunities of each section.

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Graphical Reports in Online CRM

Graphical Reports are easy to understand and enables quick analysis of large amounts of  data at one time.With Travel Agent CRM software you can create  vivid and illustrative graphical data that helps you quickly analyze various aspects of the business and identify the patterns in the flow of data and can help in making informed decision.

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Customizable Lead Reports with best CRM software

It’s beneficial for businesses to know accurate and effective means of measuring lead generations of a company. Tarvel CRM tour operator, allow you to generate leads reports as user-wise, source-wise, destination-wise and show where the lead generation is maximum.

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Bookings Reports

Travel CEO is  a tourism CRM software for travel program to track your bookings by getting user-wise, source-wise, employee-wise booking reports. With this CRM feature you can increase targeted delivery of your business and increase productivity by knowing exactly the bookings report of all sections.

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Analytical CRM Reports for Payment

Online Travel Agency CRM Software allows you to track all your payments details and represent them into a report. Through this CRM data you can look at customer’s section and know what mode they use to pay, so that you can track all the successful, failed and pending transaction and respond to your customer quickly.

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Suppliers Reports with analytical CRM system

Business should have all the information about performance and overall participants of all suppliers in their CRM software. The Tourism CRM software for travel agents gives reports on all your suppliers and even filter them by travel date or booking date. So that you can change dates and preview the reports for the date you choose .

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User Reports Software

This CRM feature helps you to know who your users are and what they want to achieve. Travel agency CRM creates reports of your customers and their preference and sort booking date wise or destination wise for efficient management. Through user reports you can tailor your offer, according to the preference of the user.

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Expense Report Software

Online Tour agency management system tracks all your business expenses via expense reports. It tracks all your expenses such receivables and payments, booking wise, date wise and more. This provides you with accurate recorded expense of the business which is necessary for budget planning.

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Export to Excel

With the best travel CRM for a travel agency, you can download and export all reports to EXCEL from your CRM database. Providing you a simple interface, that allows user to easily understand and make a detailed and comprehensive analysis.

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Overview of Booking Reports in Travel CRM Software

The online travel company has to deal with various numbers of online reservation and booking services and make them available to customer to plan their trips. So online travel agency management CRM system for travel industry can help your business to maintain all booking reports.

  • Manage your Travel Business more efficiently
  • Generate booking reports categories wise such as lead wise, destination wise and employee wise.
  • You can visualize your reports in the form of charts, graphs etc.
  • Helps in better management and improved decision making.
  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Increase organizational communication and collaboration.
  • Increase Productivity .
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Overview of Accounting Reports in Travel Agency CRM

Travel accounting  CRM software provides your business with accurate records of your transactions and even tracks them, giving you a clear view of transaction, cash flow, income etc and also eliminates the risk of fraud or error.

  • Takes record of all your Payments, Receivables, Expenses
  • Generate reports using Travel CRM’s filter and search options.
  • Create account related reports and analyze all of your Company’s financials at one place.
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Overview of Excel Data Reports inTravel Agent CRM System

Travel CEO  is the best travel CRM software for agents, by using this you can generate specific reports you want and can be easily exported to Excel for a more comprehensive analysis.

  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Can visualize data and information in graphs, charts etc.
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Send Quotation

Send unlimited travel quotations to your customers from the lead dashboard. You can track each and every quotation sent for future reference.