#1 Travel Booking Management Software

With our Travel agent booking system you can easily manage all your bookings in one place and can even access your booking details from anywhere in the world.

Bookings Features of Tourism CRM Software

Booking dashboard

The booking dashboard of Travel agency CRM software is well designed to provide on demand access to the information. It gathers all the data in one place. The CRM features even comprises of a status bar which shows you the count of all the trips and payments. In-short, it provides detailed over-view your business in one quick glance.

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The Booking calendar is the best CRM application

We know that your most valuable asset is your  time. Travel CEO has added a calendar in the booking section of travel agent CRM software which provides a glimpse of all of your bookings for a month. More time means more positive effect to your business.

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Track Voucher status

Travel agent booking system is programmed to detect the status of the vouchers sent to your customers and can display into 4 status, such as sent, not sent, voucher opened and voucher not opened. With this CRM data you can eliminate the risk of fraud and error.

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30+CRM ready-booking voucher templates

Online Travel agency CRM software for travel gives you access to our 30+ beautiful voucher templates through which you can create your own brand new, colorful and attractive booking voucher and can also impress your clients by sending them.

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Payment overdue status

Cash flow is very essential for the business, without cash flow, your business will crumble. The booking dashboard of Travel agency CRM software displays the clients whose payments are overdue, so that you can follow them up with a mail for payments.

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CRM booking reports

Booking reports provide you with an over view of the bookings like hotels, tour package, etc. Our travel agency management system can generate booking reports in the booking section itself. You can download these reports in Excel format or graphical format as per your convenience to analyze it.

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Maintain Customer and supplier payment details

Payment details are reusable, so maintaining customer and supplier payment details becomes very important.With travel agency accounting software you can maintain and even update your customer and supplier payment details with ease. It also provides you with history of payment details of the clients.

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Store attachments / files with CRM Management

It’s a good practice for a business to store customer details  for better customer relationship.But now you can store visa attachments, client insurance, licenses, etc. for additional references  with our travel agent CRM software for travel agents and this data can be used in the future to tailor the offer as per customer details.

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Record flight details

Another way of maintaining a good customer relationship is by making them feel important. Travel Agency Management Software makes a note of the flight arrival and departure timings and other information of your clients which you can send them and win over them.

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Automated currency conversions with Online CRM Application

Travel company has clients from all over the globe so conversion of foreign currencies can be a bit of troublesome. Our Travel industry CRM software has a perfect solution for this problem, it will automatically convert the price of your product to the currency of new country making it more understandable for the customer.

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Display Balance amount

Allowing your client to pay partially will bring more business to you as the customer will be able to afford the monthly or weekly payment without a problem. Travel agent CRM software displays the due amount of the customer who chooses to pay partially. This feature highlights the due bookings and makes sure that you never miss a follow up.

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CRM Solution for Rescheduling bookings

Sometime clients need to edit their existing booking due to changes in their plan or due to an emergency.Our online travel booking agency software lets you reschedule your bookings by just entering the necessary information and the booking will be rescheduled.

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Benefits of Bookings Calendar with Travel Industry CRM

  • One of the most liked features of Travel CRM software by the customers.
  • See glimpses of all the bookings month wise at a single go!
  • Track all your bookings with a single click only with Travel CRM for travel industry.
  • Updating payments made easy!
  • The Client can check availability and make reservations as per their convince.
  • You can configure different settings to best fit your  business work flow process, and customize the calendar as per your business site.
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Benefits of Bookings Voucher with Travel Agent CRM software.

  • Impress your clients with attractive and colourful booking vouchers!!
  • You can create 30+ booking voucher templets with our  software for travel agency.
  • Traveller name
  • Traveller contact details
  • Travelling date
  • User handling the booking
  • Traveller location
  • Invoice due date
  • Travel type
  • Currency type
  • Descriptions
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Inclusions and exclusions
  • Company logo
  • You can download vouchers in PDF format.
  • Mail vouchers directly from our Travel CRM software.
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  • Update customer payments with ease through our online travel agency management system.
  • Supports Multiple currency conversions.
  • Track payment history with best travel CRM software for travel agency.
  • Support installment payment with online CRM.
  • Invoice id
  • Payment date
  • Payment mode
  • Balance amount
  • balance due date
  • Automated payment reminders to follow up for over due payments.
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  • Maintain unlimited suppliers with travel CRM tour operator.
  • Track supplier payment history.
  • Payments done in minutes.
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier currency
  • due date
  • Due amount paid
  • Set supplier curency
  • Currency conversions made easier with our best travel booking software, which also allow you to target international client more easily.
  • Upload supplier invoices for future reference.
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Supplier-wise Booking Reports in best Travel CRM Software

Travel agent CRM system can generate a booking reports for supplier wisely. This is one of the best and amazing feature of CRM system which is loved by our travel agents. This feature allows you to generate a complete report in excel sheet for a particular date, range for a particular supplier which is easier to summarize.

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Booking Reports in Travel Agency Software

The best travel industry CRM software are programmed to generate comprehensive graphical & excel sheet report for your bookings, so you can evaluate the topic or issue in details. Few of them are as below:

  • Graphical reports
  • Download reports in excel
  • Track all the bookings
  • Travel date-wise Booking reports
  • Booking date-wise reports
  • Destination wise report
  • Employee wise booking report
  • Travel type wise booking report
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Send Quotation

Send unlimited travel quotations to your customers from the lead dashboard. You can track each and every quotation sent for future reference.


5 Benefits of Booking management in Travel Agency Software

The customer is the main aspect of the business as it is the main contributor to business growth. Being in a travel industry you have to deal with a large number of customer and their needs which varies from other customer’s needs. Maintaining a great relationship with existing customers and creating new customers can be a little complex. Here is where a Travel CRM can be of great use.

Travel CRM for travel agents provides you a simple interface where you can easily maintain all your customer relationships and also helps with other aspects of your business such as booking management, accounting management, lead management, etc.. In this article we will learn more about booking management and its benefit to the business.

1.  24/7 booking available with Best Travel Agent CRM Software

Your customer doesn’t have to wait till the next day  for booking if your business is close that day. With Travel booking software your business is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your customer can make a booking when it fits their schedule.

2. Reduce no shows with best online CRM Travel Agency

Chances of Customers who made a financial commitment by booking their reservations are more likely to show up, resulting in significantly fewer no-show tee times. So Travel Booking software for travel industry asks customers for advance payment in terms of their commitment to the product they want to purchase.


3. Faster payment with booking system of Travel Agency Software

Travel agent software asks the customer for prepaying for service and product. This means you don’t have to wait for your customer to show up before you can collect payment for the product or service. An online Travel booking software allows you to capture that new revenue as soon as the customer schedules with your course.

3. Less phone Time with CRM Travel Agency

With online travel booking software, all the information customers need to schedule is displayed on the screen. This helps customers to get clear information about the product details such as availability, fee, and many more. And you can spend more time on important issues.

5. Provides valuable insight with best Travel Agency Software

Travel CRM software provides a dashboard that displays all your product details and with this, you can easily determine your most popular sellers. Enables you to focus on creating offers that your customer wants through the analysis of the data.


Travel booking software has become a new way of the future.  If you want to maximize your business, then it’s very important to use online booking management for your business. This best feature of Travel CRM software allows your customer to book in real-time. TravelCEO even provides your customer with the facilities of rescheduling the booking just by entering the important information.